Innovation Forum

The Think Beyond Plastic™ Innovation Forum has a charitable purpose to inspire disruptive innovation and advance entrepreneurship for solutions that measurably reduce plastic pollution.


The Forum seeks to identify and direct innovation and entrepreneurial projects towards hotspots of plastic pollution. Focus is on disruptive innovation especially in the areas of food packaging, medical waste, reduced plastic waste, alternatives to polystyrene, as well as innovative Cradle-to-Cradle product design. The Forum produces Focused Innovation projects and an annual Entrepreneur Business Competition. 


Focused Innovation

We accept innovation projects and ideas that challenge existing value networks and have a demonstrated potential to measurably reduce plastic pollution.


In this pre-Accelerator phase, our team will explore commercialization for innovative ideas. We will research viable business models and business strategies; we will evaluate feasibility and sustainability; and we will deliver a recommendation for the engineering approach. Upon exit, the innovation project is ready to develop business plan and funding. 


Business Competition

The Annual Business Competition invites entrepreneurs to compete with solutions and businesses that measurably reduce plastic pollution. The businesses can be at any stage, including seed funding. The products may be services, applications, materials etc.  The 2014 Competition is open, learn more here. 


Thought Leadership

The Forum seeks to inspire the creation of ideas that address plastic pollution. These ideas are bold and forward thinking, and have the potential to create new market and value networks. The Innovation Forum pursues the displacement of existing technologies and conventional plastic products, and the creation of completely new products and technologies. Most importantly, not replacing one material with another, but stirring innovation and creativity; rethink, and redesign of entire systems. 


The Think Beyond Plastic™ Innovation Forum is in affiliation with Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) a non-profit public charity exmpt from federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. 


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