Innovation Forum

The Think Beyond Plastic™ Innovation Forum engineers the innovation eco-system  with focus on plastic pollution and its impacts. It recognizes and incubates technologies; it focuses innovation on key problem areas and leads thought leadership for public policies and economic instruments to support innovation.   


The Forum directs innovation towards "hot spots" of plastic pollution, where consumption is the highest and market failures are the greatest such as disposable plastic, plastic medical waste, ocean plastic, with market focus on food services, food packaging, retail, personal care products, construction and transportation, etc.



Targeted Innovations

The Innovation Forum advances broad-based disruptive innovation that measurably reduces plastic pollution.  Of special interest are: 





Growing the innovation eco-system



The Think Beyond Plastic™ Innovation Forum is in affiliation with Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) a non-profit public charity exmpt from federal income tax under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.